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Our 2017's Top 3 Vapor Cig Brands

Changing the way you smoke, VaporFi is one of the newest players to arrive in the market but has quickly managed to establish itself as one of the leaders in the game. With a unique place in the industry, they offer custom kit builders and custom blends with the most intense flavors and superior vapor production. 100% Made in the USA, choose from their wide array of products from $29.99 for their Express Kit to the VOX50 MOD Kit at $199.99. Read More...

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One of the leaders in the vapor cigarette industry, V2 Cigs is the most vertically integrated ecig brand in the market. With products 100% Made in the USA, each and every ecig, eliquid, and cartridge are engineered, designed, and controlled by the company's expert team of engineers. Offering Free Domestic Shipping, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and Lifetime Warranty, take your pick from their wide range of starter kits. Read More...

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Enjoy extraordinary vaping experience with the highest quality in vapor production - South Beach Smoke has been one of the leaders in the e cig market. South Beach Smoke offers a variety of different starter kits and spares no time, money, and energy in making every vaping experience truly satisfying for you. Get their Deluxe Starter Kit for just $19.99 or get their Ultimate Kit for a mere $53.75. Read More...

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