Smoking in the Modern Age: Vapor Cigarettes

Smoking is a very pleasurable habit, but we are all aware that smoke is dangerous to inhale and causes health problems in the long term. In the modern age we are blessed to have a new invention that provides the same great, fulfilling smoking experience without the harsh smoke that causes so many difficulties in our later years. With the rapidly changing environment for smokers, it is useful to keep these vapor cigarette do’s and don’ts in mind while we enjoy our new electronic cigarette.

Vapor cigarette Do’s

  1. Do try out various brands and flavors. A lot of people try one brand or flavor and determine that vapor cigarettes just aren’t for them. This is a sad fact. With so many products on the market it’s hard to make an accurate judgment with just one attempt. Just like finding our favorite brand of cigarette took way more than one try, it takes a bit of shopping to find out just which vapor cigarette fulfills our taste.
  2. Do experiment with different ways to smoke. Cigarette smoke is much coarser than e-cig vapor and so the way that we smoke will have to differ. Don’t be afraid to inhale more deeply and hold the smoke longer to increase the pleasure. 
  3. Do keep the product charged and filled. While e-cigs continue to work with low battery charge and nearly empty nicotine reserves, the flavor and quality of vapor suffers because of it. By keeping our batteries charged and our reserves filled, we guarantee ourselves the best possible smoke each and every time

Vapor cigarette Don’ts

  1. Don’t overcharge the e-cigarette. Like any rechargeable battery, e-cigs are sensitive to overcharging as well as extended periods of no charge. Attempting to shove more juice into the battery will only shorten the battery life. A shortened battery life results in more expenses in the long run and won’t improve the quality or quantity of smoke pleasure received.
  2. Don’t assume it’s okay to vaporizeanywhere we please. If a location has no smoking signs all over the walls it’s very likely the establishment isn’t only concerned with cigarette smoke but also the principle of smoking in and of itself. Before smoking at work, in restaurants, on buses, etc. it is important to get permission to do so first. Otherwise we can end up in embarrassing situations. E-cigs resemble normal cigarettes and can confuse uninformed onlookers, so it is always best to practice caution to avoid offending the people around us.
  3. Don’t assume there are no risks involved. While there is no tar in vapor cigarettes and the carcinogen count is likely much lower, nicotine is a stimulant and can exacerbate high blood pressure and is still addictive. Be aware of these facts as you enjoy.

Technology is rapidly changing every facet of our lives and smoking is no exception. E-cigs are convenient, affordable, and offer a smoke-free alternative to our favorite habit, but the new format requires that we think about smoking in a new way. Smokers are moving into an unknown frontier and will continue to evolve with the times. Hopefully this list of vapor cigarette do’s and don’ts helps to make pioneering the e-cig world a little bit easier.

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