The Most Common Vapor Cigarrete FAQs

1. What is a Vapor Cigarette? 

Also known as an electronic cigarette, a Vapor cigarette is a battery powered tobacco-like cigarette that works by vaporizing a liquid solution that gives the effect of smoking actual tobacco. It has a cartridge that contains the liquid to be vaporized by a heating element called the atomizer.

2. Is it safe to smoke Vapor Cigarettes?

It is not 100% safe, but it’s safer than smoking actual tobacco cigarettes since they are smoke free and do not contain high levels of nicotine and tobacco as does the traditional cigarette. Research shows that smoking Vapor cigarettes is 99% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

3. What are the side effects of smoking Vapor Cigarettes?

There is no clear study or factual data to present the side effects of smoking Vapor cigarettes, although some research shows that the second hand vapor produced has been found to be harmful to children, the elderly and people with some medical conditions like high sensitivity in their throat, eyes and nose.

4. My Vapor Cigarette taste’s very bad what could be wrong?

It could be that the atomizer has a liquid cover which is used to preserve its quality during shipping. You can improve the taste by pouring some e-liquid (just a drop) on the atomizer to get it going, a few more puffs and you’ll be good to go.

5. Which is the best Vapor Cigarette?

Every brand will give you a different experience so it really depends on what you actually need. The highly ranked vapor cigarette brand in the market is V2 Cigs followed by Green Smoke, Vapor Zone, and South Beach Smoke Air. Their reviews are based on performance and the actual smoking experience.

6. Where should I purchase a Vapor Cigarette?

Vapor cigarettes can be bought online by just placing an order and having it shipped to your place or you can just purchase them at the store. Wondering what to look for when buying vapor cigarettes? Browse around our blog section for more of our inside tips and suggestions.

7. Is smoking Vapor Cigarette the same as smoking tobacco cigarette?

No its not. Most people trying to quit tobacco smoking ask this question hoping that the experience will be the same but with less risk to their health. Most tobacco flavors do not taste the same as traditional tobacco; they are usually sweet and non-smoky.

8. Is Vapor cigarette a Therapeutic alternative to help in quitting tobacco smoking?

It has not been officially stated that it’s a therapeutic alternative but study shows that most people who switched to vapour cigarettes quit smoking the traditional tobacco and reduced their nicotine amount, some went up to zero amount of nicotine. Switching to vapour cigarettes has been considered a way to help in quitting tobacco smoking.

9. Can Vapor cigarettes cause cancer?

NO. Vapor cigarettes contain very low levels of cancer causing elements like the ones found in tobacco and these elements only cause cancer when in high quantity. The level of nicotine in vapour cigarettes is almost equivalent to the level found in therapeutic nicotine alternatives.

10. How do I change the cartridges in my Vapor Cigarettes?

Most Vapor cigarettes come with a sort of manual full of instructions on how to use the Vapor cigarette, including: how to clean the atomizer, how to change and recharge the batteries, and to maintain the high quality of the product so as to give the user the ultimate experience.

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