V2 Cigs Review

v2topratedSearching for an in-depth V2 cigs review, so you can discover just how good this brand is before purchasing? This is not surprising, as finding the best electronic cigarette on the market today can be a challenge, as there are many different brands with a host of claims. Cutting through the hype and getting down to the facts may seem daunting, but this V2 cigs review will do just that. 

V2 cigs is currently the producer of the #1 electronic cigarette in America (first in online sales since March 2011 according to Alexa.com), and they can boast more than 1 million satisfied customers! In addition, their e cigs are of superior quality, as each one comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Further, they back up their product with top-notch customer service, and you are sure to save money with their economical prices.

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Superior Quality

votednumber1First on the list of this V2 cigs review, is their commitment to superior quality. The majority of electronic cigarette companies don’t directly design their own products, leaving that to be outsourced. 

In sharp contrast, V2 cigs has their hand in every facet of the process, from inception to production. In addition, they have rigorous quality control, testing their flavor cartridges for consistency and purity on a daily basis! All of this adds up to a superior e cigarette combined with an unbeatable flavor cartridge, for a one-two punch of smoking enjoyment!

Highly Versatile

Unlike other brands which chain you down to just their line of flavor cartridges, V2 innovative design is compatible with many other types of cartridges. What does this mean? Simply put, you can use your V2 cig to smoke cartridges from brands like SmokeTip, Vapor4life, South Beach Smoke, Red Dragon, White Cloud, Premium, EonSmoke and many more. 

In other words, you can try a host of different flavors from a variety of companies – to maximize your smoking pleasure!

Multiple Battery Options

v2-cigs-batterysizesThe next benefit for this V2 cigs review to highlight is their extensive array of battery options. You can choose from 4 battery types, which are:



You can pick a few color assortments for each battery too. These are:

Charging Cases:

You can purchase a standard charging case which holds the shorty and standard size batteries, or the XL which can charge any size. These allow you to take your V2 cigs with you wherever you go, and keep them constantly charged up. 

Extensive Flavor Choices

v2flavorsNo V2 cigs review would be complete, without covering their extensive flavor choices. They have a large variety to choose from, including: V2 Red, Congress, Coffee, Peppermint, Cherry, Vanilla, V2 Menthol, Sahara, Green Tea Menthol, V2 Cola

Custom Flavors

You can also create custom flavor cartridges, which allow you to specify an exact flavor, nicotine strength and even the color of the packaging! You can also request cartridges which taste like your favorite brand of cigarettes, if you want the familiar flavor you crave – without all of the harmful smoke and tar. 

Nicotine Content

You can choose how much nicotine content you prefer as well, with 5 strengths being offered. These range from zero nicotine content to 2.4% for extensive smokers. 

Reusable Cartridges

exblanksFinally, for the more savvy smoker, you can opt for the E-X Blanks refillable flavor cartridges. This innovative product can be reused an astonishing 20 times – for the most economical way to smoke electronically. You can also create a richer vapor with more taste, all at under $1 per flavor cartridge (for a standard 20 drop refill).

Numerous Starter Kits

The final point to cover in this V2 cigs review, are the numerous starter kits available today. No matter what your situation, you can find the perfect option for your individual needs at a price you can afford. 

Currently V2 cigs offers:

v2-beginners-kitBeginner’s Kit

v2-cigs-standard-kitStandard Kit

v2-cigs-standard-kit-plusStandard Plus Kit

v2-cigs-couples-kitCouples Kit

Ultimate Kit


To conclude this V2 cigs review, this company is clearly the winning choice for electronic cigarette smokers! You benefit from their lifetime warranty included with every e cig, their superior customer service, high purity standards and commitment to quality products. 

V2 cigs boasts more than 1 million customers to date, making them the producer of the #1 electronic cigarette in America (first in online sales since March 2011 according to Alexa.com)! In addition, their e cig is compatible with many other brands of cartridges, so you can enjoy an abundance of different flavors. You can even custom order your own, to get an exotic choice or even recreate the flavor of your favorite brand of traditional cigarettes – without the harmful smoke and tar.

Finally, you can enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders, and an amazing reduced price on V2 cigs Ultimate Starter Kit (only $149.95) for a limited time. So, why not pick the most popular electronic cigarette on the market today, to save money on your cost per smoke and save your health too? Order your starter kit now with a full 30 day guarantee, to get the best electronic smoking option available anywhere now!


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