Vapor Cigarette Facts and Myths

2003 saw reintroduction of vapor cigarette by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. It spread to Europe and United States in 2006 and 2007 respectively. However in some countries like Brazil, Panama, Singapore, Lebanon and Venezuela this product is banned from being sold in their markets.

factsandmythsMyths are always just about anything and vapor cigarette have exception. If you are a smoker, you must have heard this speculation and rumors about vapor cigarette. The best way of distinguishing the truth from the myths is understanding as much as you can find on vapor cigarette.

The following article will equip you with vapor cigarette facts and myths.

Myth: vapor cigarette are nicotine free.

Truth: that is false since they contain nicotine but the content is depended on the brand and cartridge you are using. However there are some electronic cigarettes that does not contain nicotine. It is good you search for those which do not have any nicotine.

Myth: some people think that vapor cigarette can cause cancer.

Truth: according to studies, they do not have any carcinogenic substance. It is the carcinogenic contents that are believed to trigger cancer.

Myth: they are more addictive than other regular cigarettes and tobacco.

Truth: it is obvious that cigarettes and tobacco contains high levels nicotine, which is addictive. The vapor cigarette addictive nature is due to the flavors and its aroma.

Myth: vapor cigarette can be sold to teenagers. 

Truth: it can never be sold to any one below the legal age limit. Though they are produced with different flavors to entice possible customers but not teens. The legal age is 18 years in some countries while it is even higher in others. 

Myth: devices used for vapor cigarette can explode while puffing.

Truth: these devices can be compared to mobile phones. Can short circuit due to any liquid stuff during charging or unspecified battery. But it cannot explode during the puffing process. 

Myth: the released vapor is harmful to non-smokers.

Truth: first vapor cigarette do not contain any carcinogenic content rendering them safe to even the people around you. Secondly those vapor is odorless and does not contain any lingering scent. This makes it safe to use even indoors.

Myth: all vapor cigarette contains anti-freeze.

Truth: this is a total lie and probably most common one. Anti-freeze are highly toxic chemicals and there is no reason for any company to take that chance of facing lawsuits.

Myth: some people do believe that electronic cigarettes can get you to smoking tobacco.

Truth: people will actually star smoking due to various reasons like peer influence, influence from their parents and their stress levels but not due to adverts and flavors. The most commonly used vapor cigarette flavors are Marlborough, Newport and Camel. Others like candy and fruit flavors usually make about 2% and people do not cite flavors as the reason for their smoking. Smoking vapor cigarette makes tobacco take foul hence they cannot be gate way to smoking tobacco.

Myth: vapor cigarette have bad taste.

Truth: this is obviously a propaganda since electronic cigarettes are normally flavored.

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