VaporFi Review

vaporfilogsSmoking tobacco cigarettes is slowly becoming a thing of the past – with countless alternatives to get your nicotine fix and the dangers of smoking becoming more and more obvious, one of the most innovative inventions in the market today are electronic cigarettes.

From the same makers of TOP ecig brands South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke comes the most INNOVATIVE brands in the market today – VaporFi electronic cigarettes. Unmatched in terms of FLAVOR choices and Advanced Technology, VaporFi is slowly making its mark as one of the LEADING ecig brands today.

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About VaporFi

vp-ecigsLaunched in 2012, VaporFi was created to fill a void in the ecig industry regarding high quality products at affordable prices. Either you had really durable and great quality ecigs at high price points, or really inexpensive looking ones at low prices. Based in Miami, Florida, VaporFi's ecigs and e-liquids are made 100% in the USA in FDA-registered laboratories.

Offering INNOVATIVE and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, VaporFi's incredible features are unmatched by any other brand. The first to offer the Puff Tracking Meter and the possibility of over 30,000 flavors, VaporFi is the perfect choice for anyone who wants SUPERIOR QUALITY and the most SATISFYING Vaping Performance.

VaporFi's Ecigs Design


VaporFi's electronic cigarettes are the most modern and sleekest-looking units available. Giving you the same feel and look of a tobacco cigarette with a truly advanced look, VaporFi's ecigs are simple yet unique. Giving you no-fuss in its design, VaporFi's ecigs are ideal for anyone who wants an uncomplicated ecigarette that's just as unique as its features.

Compared to most brands that have round tips, VaporFi sets itself apart by having a triangular tip that makes it truly stand out. Modern, simple, and sleek – perfect for the no-fuss vaper.

VaporFi's Battery

VaporFi's range of batteries are some of the LONGEST lasting and most POWERFUL in the industry. Standard batteries of other ecig brands only have 350mAh but VaporFi's most Powerful battery contains up to 2200 mAh – just imagine how far a single full charge can take you.

vp-batteryDespite being truly powerful, VaporFi's batteries are actually short cig-types. They're still small and light but they have longer battery life. And when you have a powerful and long lasting battery, that equates to THICKER VAPOR PRODUCTION and a FULLER FLAVOR satisfaction!

VaporFi also offers the MOST ADVANCED and CONVENIENT way to smoke. VaporFi's batteries contain the Battery Meter feature that tells you it's time to recharge by showing you how much battery life you have left. Other batteries simply reduce in vapor production when you need to recharge and completely stop vaping when you've exhausted the battery life.

You no longer have to recharge in the middle of enjoying your ecigarette since you'll know exactly when to charge it again!

PLUS, VaporFi offers its Puff Tracking Meter – a truly distinct VaporFi feature! A digital screen tells you how many puffs you've made so you know how much is left.

VaporFi E-Liquids

VaporFi's e-liquids are much talked about since where else can you possibly enjoy up to 30,000 flavors? One of the leaders in e-liquids, all flavors are made in FDA-registered laboratories adhering to the highest standards and made of top-rated glycerin and Kosher-grade ingredients.

Expect intense flavor and the highest vapor production with VaporFi eliquids. Made to be enjoyed individually or blended, VaporFi's e-liquids can be custom made in accordance to your preference. Want to mix cherry with tobacco? Or peaches with chocolate? You can definitely do so and create your very own e-liquid flavor. PLUS, you can choose between different nicotine levels to satisfy your cravings! From full nicotine to zero nicotine!


VaporFi Starter Kits

VaporFi offers 6 starter kits for every kind of vaper. From the novice to the expert – VaporFi's starter kits are equipped with all the essentials you need to have a fully satisfying vaping experience!

expresskitFor ONLY $29.99 VaporFi offers one of the most affordable kits in the market. Enjoy the Express Kit with:

rebelkitFor the serious vaper, the VaporFi Rebel Kit is ONLY at $179.99! Contains every advanced technology VaporFi batteries, you get FULL satisfaction and long-lasting enjoyment. It contains:

VaporFi takes vaping to another level with its LONG-LASTING BATTERIES, ADVANCED FEATURES, the MOST ENJOYABLE FLAVORS, and one of the most AFFORDABLE PRODUCTS in the market.

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